We help our clients to develop and adopt innovative technological solutions to streamline and optimise their operations. After analysing their business challenges, operational processes and digital infrastructure, we help clients choose and deploy the right software to achieve their future goals. Our expertise includes the following areas.

Strategy & Digital Innovation

Although there are significant benefits of embedding digital innovation within business strategy, they can often be difficult to achieve. In practice, specific capabilities are needed to leverage and scale digital transformation. We offer strategic technical advice, providing expert digital diagnostics and innovation roadmaps tailored to clients' needs. We guide companies through organisational and technological change to enable them to succeed in their business goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is at the core of everything we do at Reckon Digital. Our solutions use smart algorithms to support business decision-making by leveraging available data assets. We have delivered an array of AI applications to organisations around the world which have helped them automate tasks, optimise operations and reduce costs.

Data Science

Although organisations are collecting increasing quantities of data, they are often unable to convert it into actionable insights. The craft of data science is not just about knowing the algorithms of machine learning; it's also about using them to gain understanding and make meaningful decisions.

Data science is still partly an art: good data analysis requires intuition and value choices, while machine learning and predictive models call for tuning that only experience can inform. Our experts help clients to understand how to leverage their data to solve practical problems, regardless of their industry.

Software development

Our software solutions apply to a range of industries and business problems. With a track record of improving operations in complicated, dynamic, socio-technical environments, we adopt an agile and incremental approach to software development. Our process with clients is designed to incrementally reduce investment risk across successive phases of engagements, enabling them to gain information and confidence at each stage.

Our solutions are the result of careful security considerations and guarantee high standards of fault-tolerance and availability. When given a choice we advocate the free software ecosystems and their advantages in terms of transparency, security, cost and vendor-independence.

Software Development

Information Security

Information Security OWASP

Organisations depend on increasingly cloud-based digital networks and technologies. It is therefore essential for them to implement security plans for infrastructure and adopt best practices against breaches and attacks.

We offer a wide range of IT security services, delivered to recognised industry standards, including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, software auditing, network and system hardening.


Reckon Digital's roots are in software research. As part of our continuing efforts to shape the cutting edge of our industry, we cultivate active partnerships with academic and institutional partners. Through the research projects, teaching activities and technology transfer programs that result from these collaborations, we maintain our ability to provide our clients with solutions reflecting the latest technological advances.

Research and Academia