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Reckon Digital is a new type of technology consultancy.

We specialise in creating software for complex systems while still using a lean and agile approach. Our vocation is to be reliable and insightful like a large consultancy, but approachable and dynamic like a small agency.

Analysis and Strategy


Every project should start with a thorough understanding of the business ecosystem, values and objectives. We help our clients determine a clear strategy to guide the architecture and design of their digital products and services.

User Experience Design


It's not enough for a site or application to look great to make it successful. We have a long history of creating digital experiences balancing your business objectives with attention for users' needs, employing sound research, the latest design thinking and extensive validation.

Technology and Innovation


Keeping up with today's complex technological landscape requires a large investment of energy. An investment that sits at the foundation of our business. Because of this, we can help our clients generate and evaluate ideas that maximise their benefits while still being leaner than the alternatives.

Custom Software Products


For nearly 30 years we have been developing commercial products as well as custom applications for a variety of industries. We know that building a mission critical system, founded on quality code, requires agile processes, a robust technical design, effective tools and most of all, the right professional expertise.

Enterprise Solutions


Properties like scalability and high-availability become crucial requirements when enterprise software is concerned. Experience, best practices and state-of-the-art tools are the key ingredients that allow us to deliver reliable products and services, whenever failure is not an option.

Research and Academia


Reckon Digital's truest nature lies in its own initials, R&D. We are an ideal industrial partner, capable of bringing advanced technological expertise to research projects. We implement algorithms and tackle problems that need advanced computational strategies.

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Our projects

We can assist you with your challenges in a wide variety of scenarios, whether you are an industrial, healthcare, cultural, government or academic organisation.

Our expertise spans from experience design to backend development, from operational research to the implementation of scientific algorithms, from data analysis to intelligent systems.

We rely on a range of technologies and best-practices. We are particularly fond of the Python programming language, the Django web framework and the PostgreSQL database.

Whenever given the choice, we privilege the Free Software ecosystem and its advantages in terms of transparency, security, cost and vendor-independence.

General Electric

Development // Custom software products, Enterprise solutions.

We are developing an application to support the scheduling of tests of large industrial machinery.

The resulting software employs resource optimization techniques and user experience practices, providing automated scheduling, tracking and measurement.

The process now produces actionable data, which we aim to integrate next into the company's ERP backbone.


Consulting // Analysis and Strategy, User Experience design.

We helped the company develop a strategy, and a series of back-end tools to assist their rapidly growing business to provide services and support across multiple languages and countries.

After analysing 2ndQuadrant current toolset and capabilities, we devised a strategy of incremental improvement that we are deploying over the course of 2015.

Some other organisations and partners we have worked with

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We are based in London and deliver our solutions to a large variety of clients across the UK and internationally.

We are an inquisitive bunch and we love nothing better than learning about an interesting project in front of a cup of tea.

Fabio Natali

Fabio Natali

Founder, Director


Fabio is a Python/Django developer with the skill set and experience to take a software project across all the different stages, from the early design to the final implementation.

Passionate about clean code and best practices, Fabio finds Python and its minimalist philosophy the ideal companion to tackle most of his programming tasks.

Fabio is moved by a strong interest in the ethical issues and challenges of contemporary society; he is a Free Software advocate and believes in cryptography and decentralized systems as means to defend our digital rights.

Gabriel Scali

Gabriel Scali

Founder, Director


An Experience Designer and Digital Innovator since the early 90s, Gabriel is an aspiring renaissance man, who loves technology and art.

Some insider's facts about him. He:

  • holds a Msc in HCI, and for a few years doubled as a UX lecturer
  • wrote his first line of code in 1981
  • designed a complex touchscreen dashboard UI in 1990
  • wrote an embedded programming language and interpreter in 1992
  • founded his first startup in 1994
  • was an early signatory of the Agile Manifesto in March 2002


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