About the company

Reckon Digital is a London-based software consultancy specialised in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, custom software development, and Information Security. With a team of twenty software engineers we help an array of UK-based and international clients, from sectors such as government, humanitarian, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Founded in 2014, Reckon Digital has the objective to bring AI and optimisation technologies at the service of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Both founders advocate a human-centred approach that keeps users and their needs as the guiding factor throughout the entire development process.

Reckon Digital employs agile methodologies and coding best practices to build secure and scalable enterprise solutions. Whenever given the choice, the company privileges Free and Open Source Software, for its advantages in terms of transparency, security, cost, and vendor-independence.

Management team

Gabriel Scali

Co-founder and Director

Gabriel's expertise is in Artificial Intelligence and Human Centred computing and he has worked in organisations such as Accenture, Channel 4 and the European Commission. He is also a HP lecturer in Computer Science at Brunel University and teaches on the Master in Digital Transformation and Leadership programme at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP).

Fabio Natali

Co-founder and Director

Fabio is an expert in Software Engineering and Information Security and worked extensively on software projects at the United Nations before setting up his own IT company. As an Infosec trainer he has collaborated with journalism organisations and activist groups from the UK and abroad. He is a lecturer in Data Science at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP).


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